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Question 1:
What is the advantage of Vietnam in the production of plywood?


Vietnam joined the WTO in 2007 which should have been many changes in the economy, the administrative procedures is simply. And the government has supported a lot for export. Natural, artificial forests are very much interested   by governments. So raw materials are abundant..

Question 2: What is other points among importers Vietnam with other countries such as China, India, Malaysia.?



We always evaluate goods across three criteria: Prestige, Quality, Price.


Product is better than other countries.,and the cost is cheap, so that now there are many foreign importers to see and buy our products. Among them: the country has very high quality requirements such as Korea, Japan ...


Question 3: There are many exporting plywood company in Vietnam, What is the advantages of So Long Pomegranate companies ?

The advantages:


The production experience: The company began manufacturing plywood from 1995, we must understand how to satisfy customer needs. And we export goods to the Republic of Korea, India ...


For the price, cost: You work directly with the manufacturer, so the price will be more economical.

For the quality:

It was confirmed on the domestic market and abroad. With 100m3 of plywood output is 1 days. If poor-quality products, will surely not survive.

Question 4: how to know Long luu company is a reputable company, a reliable address.


First of all you will find information about our company at the commercial customers.

You can spend few day to visit our factory. We will make you to capture the operations and products of the company. We believe that trips that will be useful, to help the customer with new solutions to business customers.


Very pleased to welcome!


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