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 Mr Thanh - 84.988 885 228 <br />
About us 6/24/2010 7:32:54 PM


I know that you are looking for a supplier of plywood products and professional quality and I think you have to a very prestigious address in the country of Vietnam in general and a few foreign importers in particular.


This is Long Luu commerce and production  limited company. 

Long Luu company is one company manufacturers large plywood and almost the first of Northern Vietnam.

With his extensive 15 years experience in the industry, we understand the production process to the most efficient, best quality, and needs of goods from customers.

The ceaseless efforts of each person in the company, we have been very successful in the plywood market in Vietnam


Partners have appreciated higly about the quality, stability and professional services. Interior plywood, formwood plywood, packaging is our main product.

The motto "Prestige and quality is the top." you will be satisfied with our products.


Our factory has an area on 10.000m2, machinery imported from Germany, Japan, China ... We believe meet the needs of our customers.


Now we are seeking for more oversea clients who are interested in establishing long-term business relationships.


To known more detailed information about the product, factory, production process, the export process, please visit the website, contact us

We are pleased to welcome all domestic and foreign customers come to us. We expect more customers friendly.


Thank attention of customers to our products.


Mr  Long CEO

overview our factory
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