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Plywood form
Glue : Phenol, MR, Canarium,Ormosia (pro)

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Thickness (mm)

Dimension (mm)





1220 x 2440

 0.5 mm



1220 x 2440

 0.5 mm



1220 x 2440

 0.5 mm



  Hereby is the technical properties table of our waterproof plywood formwork

Water Boiled Proof glue

Phenol, Melamine, MR (Urea formaldehyde)

Core & Face

Canarium,Ormosia, Acacia, Eucalyptus, Styrax

Number of ply


Joints / layer

Max  4


Drying Time

20 MIN


Hot-press time

30 MIN

Moisture Content

< 12%

Modulus of Elasticity Parallel to grains

6262 Mpa


Modulus of Elasticity Perpendicular to grains

5090 Mpa

Modulus of Rupture Parallel to grains

50 Mpa

Modulus of Rupture Perpendiculaer to grains

32 Mpa


150 tonnes/m 2

Thickness tolerance

± 0.3 mm

Dimension tolerance

± 3 mm




- Waterproof  core form work: Plywood with core layers pressed together by waterproof  glue, also faces. The product experienced 05 hours of being boiled and months of outdoor condition but its layers remain strong. The product is considered as an advance in the form work manufacturing industry for its durability and rotation time. 

We have 2 product various :

Waterproof core form work use Glue  : Ure formaldehit , faced Phenol . This kind of common, trade price, easy re-use

Waterproof core form work use Glue : Melamine 12%, faced Phenol. This type of more advanced, more durable, use many times.

Film faced plywood, used Glue Melamine: Plywood board with faces covered by thick layer of film Denya from Malaysia, China … Making smooth surfaces.

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